Earn 15% off your next purchase for each product photo review you submit!*

At Ilada, we want you to shop with confidence.  We try to provide as much information as possible about each product, and we rely on your feedback through product reviews to help other shoppers.

Since most of our items come from designers all over the world, we receive samples but it is not possible for us to see every single item that we sell in person. Since clothing quality can be inconsistent in some instances, we rely on your reviews to decide which designers to keep and if there are any we should no longer promote.  

For each photo review that you submit with a clear, usable photo, you will earn 15% off your next purchase.  You can write your review by navigating to the product's page on

If you decide to return an item, please write your review AFTER we process the return, so you can rate the level of customer service you received throughout the return process. You will still receive your discount, even though you returned the item!


*Discounts earned for product photo reviews are issued with an exclusive discount code to be applied to your next purchase.  One code per order.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  Photo must be clear and usable, and must accurately display the item.  Photos of you wearing the item are preferable, but quality photos of the item itself may also be accepted.

By uploading a photo review  you grant Ilada Boutique the right to reproduce, publish, and use the photo, as well as your image or likeness, for marketing or other promotional purposes without notice or compensation.